Reap & Destroy

by Bad Deeds

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released July 5, 2013



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Bad Deeds Sydney, Australia

5 bad dudes, doing bad deeds.

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Track Name: Intro
your fear starts festering/deaths grip soul molestering/you'll decay with your dignity/in this dead reality
Track Name: Please Die
it's so ironic all the words that you speak/put on a front like you're so tough but you're fucking weak/you try so hard to make people think you're cool/you fucking suck and everyone thinks you're a tool

ballied up this box cutters coming for your gut/i'm a man of my word i'm gona cut you cunt/i will fuck you up

i've got no time to listen to you/ain't got time to deal with the shit you spew/you run your mouth like there's something to prove/ain't got time for a piece of shit like you

no time for a piece of shit like you
Track Name: No Luck
i've gota escape from this dead end fucking town/the dead shit fucks make me wana beat my head against the ground/i wana kill myself this place is driving me insane/show me the rope my worthless life is going down the drain

if you see me in the street you better keep walking past/stare at me with your bloodshot eyes i promise it'll be your goddamn last/so sick of this place so sick of this shit/so sick of these people so over it/
i just can't handle another day it seems too fucking much/there's nothing left for me i've lost my will i'm out of luck/
so end my life i'm done with it/i'm cold as fuck i can't feel shit

i'm losing my mind

i've lost my fucking mind/i gota leave this town behind
Track Name: Black Soul
i know the worst has the best of me/
my soul is flooded by a guilt ridden sea/i hate myself today more than the last/the end of my life have better come fast

Track Name: Bad Deeds
we're the habitual liers/the false crucifiers/never ending nuisance now we're leading you to your demise/lurk on the lonesome/creep on the casualties/forsaking what you know/telling tales of broken prophecies

we crawl out from the sewers tonight you'll face your darkest fear/bring forth the media meltdown cause the end of time is near/we rein with no remorse and scorn the so called best of thee/our intentions are all vulgar we have a lack of decency

the thought of what's ahead will bring you to your knees/we're the doers of all this cities bad deeds/broken bottle riots plague streets like disease/we're the doers of all this cities bad deeds/and you thought bad things only came in threes/bad deeds bad deeds

the rats of the city are out and in force/mayhem consumes the night/your hearts beating fast to the beat of our feet/the streets are alive tonight
Track Name: Cursed
born from hatred i was sent here to rebel/to plague and corrupt and summon hell

torch the churches let them burn with hate/manifest my friends and destroy your faith

reap and destroy